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Modular Homes

Basic Information about Modular (Factory Constructed) Homes

Looking for a faster, hassle-free option for building a new home? A modular house may be ideal for you! These factory-constructed residences are becoming quite popular in NJ due to their shorter construction times and need for fewer subcontractors than traditional "site built" houses.


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Modular Home FAQ


What is a Modular (Factory built) Home?


Modular homes are houses built in multiple pieces in a factory. These pieces are shipped to the new home's site and assembled upon a permanent foundation.


What do preconstructed homes look like?


Does the term "modular home" have you picturing something boxy and unattractive? Guess again! Modules are built in all styles, shapes and sizes. They can be fully customized by the builder - no two modular homes are the same!


Are modular homes as sturdy as traditionally constructed houses?


Actually, they're sturdier. Since they need to be constructed to withstand the rigors of shipping, modular buildings are made using (on the average) 20-30% more materials than a traditional home, considerably increasing the structural stability!.


A 1992 FEMA study (in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew) concluded that modular homes performed much better than traditionally-framed houses.


How are modular homes built?


1) The customer, builder and manufacturer work together to agree upon a design which fits the homebuyer's budget and needs.
2) The design plans are submitted to New Jersey state officials for review and approval. The manufacturer also contracts a third-party inspector (licensed by NJ) to inspect and certify the modules before they leave the factory
3) While the modules are being constructed in the factory, the manufacturer gives the builder specs for the home foundation. The builder prepares the foundation before the home pieces are shipped.
4) The modules, including the roof, are shipped to the home site and assembled upon the foundation. The structure is completely closed up and secured by the end of the day!
5) The builder then puts the final touches on the home - siding, additional shingles and drywall, wiring, etc.
6) The finished home is inspected and usually ready to be occupied in a matter of weeks.


Do Modular homes meet New Jersey state building codes?


All modular homes are constructed to meet the building codes in the state to which they will be shipped.


How can I Finance a Modular Home ?


Though some mortgage companies have special programs for modular homes, in general factory-built houses are financed in exactly the same way as traditional houses.


What are the advantages of factory-constructed houses?

- Shorter construction time - weeks, instead of months.
- Robust regulation and inspection process - this means fewer problems for the new homeowner
- Structural integrity - Modular homes use more materials than traditional homes, and are more solid. Also, building materials are subject to strict quality control and stored in the factory. Together with the rapid assembly, this means the structural elements of your home are never exposed to rain, snow, or extremes in temperature during building. Moldy wood is practically unheard of in modular homes.


How would warranty coverage of my modular home compare to a traditional (site-built) house?


In New Jersey, builders of modular homes are subject to the same warranty requirements as traditional home builders. They must provide a 10 year limited warranty on the new home's materials, workmanship and systems - either through the state's New Home Warranty Plan or through a private plan approved by the state of NJ.


Do New Jersey builders and contractors need any special qualifications to install a factory built (modular) home?


Manufacturers will only work with builders who meet their standards of workmanship. Most manufacturers require their builders and installers to complete a modular home training course.


All home builders and contractors in NJ must be registered with the state of New Jersey.


How do I go about selecting and buying a modular home?


The first step is to consult with a modular home builder. As with any major purchase, its advisable to contact and interview several prospects before hiring someone to build your new home!